Leon Burson Post 395


Leon Burson Post 395

Honor Guard

Leon Burson Post 395 has an active Honor Guard which gives military honors for

veterans funerals.  The Honor Guard has been called on to give honors in a wide

area surrounding Plano.  The honors generally includes the display of colors

(The U.S. Flag); a chaplain to present a folded flag to the next of kin; a rifle

squad to fire a three shot volley followed by the playing of taps. 


During the period of Memorial Day 2016 to Memorial Day 2017 the Honor Guard gave honors to the

following veterans:

Marvin Lawyer          Maynard Anderson          Ernie gutersy          Mark Vermeland

Sherwin Clason        Albert McConnell              Ronald Davis          Russel Wahlgren

Verne Wruck            Curt Cutler                         Dennis Craddock    Steve Barrett

Verlin Mabee            William Martin                    Henry Mazurek Sr.  Joe Apodaca

Ernest Lykens           Richard Duffin                   Chuck Jones           David Tuttle

Robert Culver            Robert Fisher                    Gene Olson            Patrick Gibson

John Walker              Arnold Nitz                         Gerald Minard        Lonnie Bateman

John Manning     

In addition to honors for funerals the Honor Guard presents the colors for special occassions when

requested such as public school sports events, veteran's day and other occassions.