Leon Burson Post 395


POST HISTORY(continued)

1962-1963 Commander Adrian LaVallee

1963-1964 Commander Arthur Ardelean

1964-1965 Commander Loren Christenson

Nov 17, 1965 Former resident and student of Plano High School killed in Viet Nam.  Fredrick Charles Heriaud Private First Class, U.S. Army D company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1 Cavalry Division, of Oswego.  Heriaud was killed while fighting in the Ia Drang Valley.  Fred attened Plano High School through his Junior year after which his family moved to Oswego. 

1965-1966 Commander Ray Val Velsor

1966-1967 Commander Treber Thatcher

1967-1968 Commander Harold Christensen

1969-1970 Commander Albert Christensen

1970-1971 Commander Arthur Carlson

Oct 1, 1970 Mark Allen Olson Private First class, U.S. Army F Troop, 17th Cavalry, 196th Infantry Brigade, American Division was an armor reconnaissance specialist.  Mark died in Quang Tin Province, South Viet Nam from an explosive device.

1971-1972 Commander Franklin Kurtz

1972-1973 Commander Delos Boatman

1973-1974 Commander Franklin Coffman

1974-1975 Commander Robert ShaferHonorguard_keep.jpg

Post Honorguard 1976 Bicentennial in Yorkville parade.  Members left to right - Ted Gocken, John Schiradelly, Jerry Stein, George Cross, Arnie Olson Dick Miech.

1975-1976 Commander Arnold Olson

1976-1977 Commander Ted Gocken

1977-1978 Commander Jerry Stein

1978-1979 Commander Dick Miech

1979-1980 Commander Floyd Sleezer

1980-1981 Commander Steven Turner

1981-1982 Commander William Moebs

1982-1983 Commander John Scherer

1983-1984 Commander Arnold Olson

1984-1985 Commander Don Heller

1985-1986 Commander Jim Majchrzak

1986-1987 Commander Loren Christenson

1987-1988 Commander Jerry Stein

1988-1989 Commander John Schuadelly

1989-1990 Commander Hoyett Cantrell




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