Leon Burson Post 395




A bit of history about the founding of Plano, IL.

Plano was founded on Feb 28, 1853 by Lewis Steward, pioneer settler. 

The city was platted in 1854.  It steadily grew to a city of 2,300 (Around 1954). 

There were five churches serving the community.  Nine industrial plants made it

a bustling little city amidst some of the richest farm land in the state.  Plano is

the birthplace of the Marsh Harvester, (Commonly known as the "Reaper") the

idea being conceived by C. W. and W. W. Marsh in Plano in 1857.  The Reaper

was a horse drawn grain binder machine that carried two men who tied the grain

stalks which were then laid in the field.  Subesequently thousands of Marsh

harvesters were manufactured in Plano and used by farmers all over the United