Leon Burson Post 395


1990-1991 Commander Franklin Kurtz

1991-1993 Commander Jim Majhrzak

1993-1994 Commander Jim Hill

1994-1995 Commander Ken Schmidt 

1995-1996 Commander John Roy

January 2, 1995 was the 75th anniversary of Leon Burson Post 395

1996-1997 Commander Ken Collins

1997-1998 Commander Max Striegl

1998-1999 Commander Franklin Kurtz

Memorial Day May 31, 1999  the Rodman type cannon at Plano Little Rock Cemetery was rededicated as part of the Memorial Day proceedings.  The Grand Army of the Republic Post 120 originally dedicated the canon to Plano, IL. on Memorial Day 1899.

1999-2000 Commander Daniel Haws

Commander Haws and Dick Miech worked diligently during the year to get Plano city counsel approval for the Veteran's Memorial Park located at the Northeast corner of Center St & Route 34. 

2000-2002 Commander Harry Haggard

Memorial Park was rededicatied Nov 11, 2001  The rededication was conducted to bring attention to recent modifications and improvements.  Mayor Bill Roberts and other city officials were present for the ceremony.  The park inprovements were accomplished by participation of the city, Leon Burson Post 395 and volunteers from the community.  Mike Helmers, an Eagle Scout candidate from Plano Boy Scout Troup 71 lead the way to build the new raised retaining wall area for the Memorial Park Stone Monument. 


During 2001 the post honor guard began going to Abraham Lincoln Cemetery one day a month to give military honors for veteran's funerals.   Abraham Lincoln Cemetery presently has their own honor guard contengent. 

2002-2004 Commander Loren Christenson                                                   
In the 90 year history of Leon Burson Post 395 Commander Christenson is the only individual who has served four terms as commander.

2004-2006 Commander Jerry Groner

2006-2007 Commander Eric Martis

2007-2008 Commander Howard Andersen

2008-2010 Commander Art Killey

2010-2012 Commander John A. McGava

2012-2014 Commander Robert Whitmer

2014-2015 Commander Edwin Morris

2015-2016 Commander Jim Hill